Control Room

A new control and mixing room will be built in due course. On continuing with our philosophy in staying up with technology in both analogue and the digital field we have upgraded with new 500 series mic pres from Focurite and Buzz Audio. Our recording DAW of choice has been Logic Studio but we are investigating Presonus Studio One v3. Running on a 8-core Mac Pro. Interfacing the studio hardware is the award winning Fireface UFX from reknowned German maker RME. Monitoring is done via a pair of new Dynaudio Acoustic BM12 MkIII’s that are presently being put through their paces. While we are a small studio we have not comprised on quality and seek to provide the best for our clients.

 4 x Focusrite Red1 500 series mic pres, 2 x Buzz Audio Elixirs are our main mic pres. Mic pres are also available the  RME Fireface UFX. 

 Effects are handled by the TC Electronics, Lexicon, Native Instruments, Focusrite, Izotope and Waves along with a few others. 

No compromise has been made on the wiring throughout the studio. analogue cabling including mic cables and interconnects are from Mogami and Tasker. Digital interconnects are handled by Granite Digital, Mogami and Monster.

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