The Heron 26

The Heron 26 comes standard as a partially levered 26 string harp. It is designed from the ground up with all players in mind, be it a beginner or an experienced player looking for a smaller light weight travel harp. It is our belief at Stewart Harps that even a ‘beginner’ instrument should have all the qualities and tone that inspires players to want to play, practise and perform.

The Heron 26 measures approximately 1 metre in height and weighs under 6 kilo’s.

Made from 'Milk Tree', a beautiful straight grained lightweight hardwood, and high quality marine plywood with the neck and pillar reinforced with carbon fibre, the Heron 26 has already proven itself to be a desirable harp to learn on, inspiring young and old beginners alike to want to pick up their instrument and practise and advance their music. 

 Danielle Perrett, reknowned harpist and Trinity College examiner from the UK said of the Heron 26:

“The Heron 26 is a stylishly elegant and beautifully responsive, resonant instrument. It is lightweight but with a huge sound and concert harp tension. The levers are smooth and easy to use”

Danielle Perrett -


Click here to go to the soundfiles page to hear the Heron 26


*Lightweight – Only 5.6 kilograms

*Carbon fibre reinforced neck and pillar to prevent bowing

*New Zealand hard beech internal soundboard braces

*Finnish Birch plywood soundboard

*American made Loveland semitone tuning levers  

*Quality American made hardware and strings

*One year limited warranty


The Heron 26 is now available in 2 options:

Partially levered with levers on B, C and F strings - $1750NZ

Fully Levered option - $2000NZ

Soft Case for Heron 26 - $250 to $350

depending on supplier


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