Listen to Stewart Harps

All sound samples have been played by harpist Anna Dunwoodie.

The files have then been converted to mp3 format as heard here.

The Heron 26

All sound files for the Heron 26 are recorded with one single microphone, a Microtech Gefell M930, with no effects or processing.

Single notes played in succession from the lowest string to the highest

Select chords played across the range of the harp

The well known Turlough O'Carolan tune, Eleanor Plunkett

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The Heron 30

All sound files for the Heron 30 are recorded with a single microphone , a AKG C414 at around 1.5metres infront of the harp. No effects or processing.

The Heron30 is open tuned in Eb. Keys for individual sound files are noted.

Single notes played in succession up and down the harp.  Key-F

F Major Appegio ascending then desending across the harp

Chords played across the harp

Tune in Eb - As yet unnamed. Original tune composed by Anna Dunwoodie and Shane Stewart

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The CF34

All sound files for the CF34 are recorded using 2 microphones in stereo pair, Beyerdynamic M88’s, at around 1.5metres. No effects or processing, slight panning left and right.

Single notes from the lowest to highest string

Appegios played across the range of the harp

Select chords played across the range of the harp

Tune - Always There. An original tune composed by harpist Anna Dunwoodie.

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