The CF34


Stewart Harps is proud to introduce the CF34, a hybrid carbon fibre and solid wood 34 string harp. The CF34 is the epitome of harp design, blending tradition and innovation, incorporating some of the finest materials available to achieve a full size 34 string lever harp which is both lightweight and easily portable without sacrificing tone and playability. It is suitable for the experienced player, the professional performing harpist, and any harpist wanting to take their music to the next level.

The CF34 is a stave backed design, approximately 1.2metres in height, featuring a solid wood body, outer neck structure and soundboard. Carbon fibre is used for the pillar, internal neck structure, soundboard connection and other components. 

Our Timber

The staved body panels and neck structure are made from selected, book matched African Sapele. All our Sapele has been seasoned for at least 35 years, well stored and beautiful quality. The sound board is select Western Red Cedar with a 'Flame' Maple veneer. While we incorporate carbon fibre throughout the CF34 we maintain that the use of timber in all the main tonal parts of the harp is essential in producing a great tone.

Carbon Fibre

The carbon fibre used throughout the harp is high modulus grade carbon fibre thermoset prepreg. By using High Modulus material over lower grades of carbon we can maintain the higher resonances within the harp while achieving our goal of a strong and light weight instrument. Also by using advanced prepreg systems the consistency and accuracy of the building process is maintained from harp to harp.


The CF34 comes standard with Camac semitone tuning levers. The Camac lever is smooth to operate and has virtually no loss in tonal quality when engaged. Their action has very minimal wear on the string resulting in a longer string life and less breakages. All the levers are gold plated to compliment the beautiful rich red-brown colour of the the Sapele.


After some research with different string options for the CF34 we have decided on Aquila NGH Synthetic Gut for all mid and upper register strings, and complimented with Bow Brand ‘Professional Bass Wires. The use of the Aquila strings gives a nice ‘gut’ warmth with the benefits of a synthetic string resulting in both less breakages and more stable tuning. Also, while maintaining a higher string tension than a lot of modern lever harps coming onto the market the CF34 is responsive and advanced harp techniques can easily be produced clearly.

CF34 Side View


Click here to hear soundfiles of the Stewart CF34


*Lightweight - Only 7.9kgs

*High Modulus Prepreg Carbon Fibre Components

*30 year old hand selected African Sapele wood

*Western Red Cedar Soundboard with Flame Maple Veneer

*'Aquila' NGH Synthetic Gut

*'Bow Brand' Professional bass wires

*Camac Semitone Tuning Levers

*'Dusty Strings' Tuning Pins

*One Year Limited Warranty


The CF34 is available in 1 standard option. 


Due to a reduced capacity to manufacture this model of harp for the 

forseeable future and a list of existing orders to fulfill there is 

approximately a one and a half year wait for this harp.

African Sapele with Camac Levers - P.O.A

Soft Case for CF34 - $350 to $550

depending on supplier

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