The Heron 30

The Heron 30 is a fully levered harp fitted with Loveland Levers from America.

   Available as standard in African Sapele, a stunning rich brown hardwood widely used in musical instruments world wide.

The Heron 30 produces a full, rich and focused tone.  It is responsive and harmonics and other advanced harp techniques are easily produced.

Following our Heron range of harp design and principles the Heron 30 fills the need of a 

mid sized harp for the advanced beginner and intermediate player. The Heron 30 stands

 approximately 1.1metres high.

 As with the Heron 26, the neck and pillar are reinforced with carbon fibre.



Click here to go to the soundfiles page to hear the Heron 30


*Lightweight – Only 8.2 kilograms

*Carbon fibre reinforced neck and pillar to prevent bowing

*New Zealand hard beech internal soundboard braces

*Finnish Birch soundboard

*New style Loveland semitone tuning levers  

*Quality American made hardware and strings

*One year limited warranty


Heron 30 in African Sapele - $3750

Soft Case - $300 to $450

depending on supplier


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